• About

    Klankwerk is a sound design & music studio that serves networks, brands, films, and games. We specialise in fresh, relevant, story-focused sound for all things visual.

  • Sounddesign

    The right sounds in the right place at the right time.

    We create custom build sound effects that refine, highlight and enforce your production in advertisement, film or fiction.

  • Music

    We create, procure, curate and license the right music to enhance your marketing content.

    In advertisement, broadcast design, digital or film we can take care of everything: from ukelele to classical orchestra, from acapella to sizzling house beat...


  • Sonic Branding

    We create the soundtrack to your brand. 

    By constructing and cementing sound and musical concepts into your brand’s DNA, we provide consumers with a more memorable user experience and build consumer touch points​ ​within​ ​your brand’s physical and digital space.

    The result? Distinctive brand assets with tangible, long term value.

  • Radio

    The right voice for your project.

    Our large selection of professional voice actors enables us to quickly find the right talent for your project.

    We have over a decade of experience in radio, tv, audio guides, games... you name it!